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Position: Rear

1998 Chevrolet C1500

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Manufacturer: ACDelco
Product Code: W0133-2137864
Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Width: 12.0 in
Product Height: 3.0 in
Product Length: 12.0 in
Product Weight: 4.75 lbs


Ring Gear 8.50", Ring Gear 8.625", Exc.Axle Code AU0, BA0, BC0, DG2, DG3, DG4, DG5, DG7, DG8, DG9, EG0, EG1, EG2, EG3, NA1, NB1, NG2, NM1, NN1, NR2, NS2, PD2, PL2, PN2, PU1, PW1, PZ1, SA2, Incl.Gasket


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