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Ultimate 5 Speed Conversion Kit

1970 BMW 2002

Shipping Note

Product Code: 1417BTKT
Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Width: N/A
Product Height: N/A
Product Length: N/A
Product Weight: N/A


Our 5 Ultimate 5 Speed Conversion Kit includes nearly everything you need to accompany your Getrag 245 3 piece 5 speed transmission during a swap. This kit includes our custom shift platform that takes the guesswork out of cutting and shortening a factory E21 shift platform. It features our custom billet DSSR that was designed to work in conjunction with a factory Z3 shift lever for precise short shifts. Our kit will also work with a late factory 4 speed 2002 shift lever if you'd like to retain your stock throw and screw on style shift knob (you must use supplied yellow spacer washers with late 4 speed lever). Our kit utilizes stock BMW wear components, making replacement parts easy to source if and when necessary. You just need to add transmission, clutch/flywheel, and shortened driveshaft. Please contact us as we can supply clutch, flywheel, and driveshaft options that fit your needs as well.


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